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About Us

Campanella tip -

The Story was created as a project to enhance and publicize the Monti Lattari, Amalfi and Sorrento coasts in Campania and around the world.

The project came to light in December 2020 from the passion for nature and support for the territory of the software house MDT Software s.r.l.s. and its founding partners Luca and Marco Casaburi .

The mission is to use technology in the service of the environment and culture to give these territories a face and a strong digital presence to reinforce the value of the environmental, cultural, historical and tourism importance of this hidden paradise of Italy.

Guided by values

Every content on the platform was created during trips, excursions and trekking outings by us driven by the simple desire to improve, make known and share according to the paradigm tourism 2.0 e experiential tourism to grow the desire to personally visit this beautiful land.
The information is always being updated, and if you want to help improve or report anything to us, don’t waste your time and contact us now.


Luca Casaburi and Marco Casaburi – Collection and processing of photos and text. Web Developer
Lianet Magda Padilla – Content Manager