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Where to drink: springs, fountains and water sources

“When you drink water, don’t forget the spring from which it flows.”


When planning a trip along the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari, it is very important to plan for stops and supplies. Knowing the trail and all water sources well allows you to be better organized and carry the right amount of water with you without getting too heavy or risking running out.

We recommend carrying at least 3 liters of water with you in the initial stretches from the Quarry Corps to Santa Maria al Castello, especially in the warmer months. Then from Santa Maria a Castello to Termini we pass through many villages with fountains and refreshment places where we can refuel more frequently and thus travel even with 2 liters of water.

Below are all the water sources among springs and fountains found along the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari, CAI 300 trail.

Spring or fountainCoordinatesLocationInformation
Quarry Body ParkingLAT. 40.68299 – LON. 14.693669
UTM: 33T 474114E 4503612N
Abbey of Cava de’ TirreniThe spring is at the end of the steps and can be used for the initial water supply
Frestola WaterLAT. 40.681373 – LON. 14.692114
UTM: 33T 473982E 4503433N
Abbey of Cava de’ TirreniThere is a fountain in the parking area and can be used for initial water supply
Source of CapodacquaLAT. 40.671541 – LON. 14.69081
UTM: 33T 473868E 4502342N
Along the path to the Sanctuary of Avvocata
Acquafredda SpringLAT. 40.661052 – LON. 14.676545
UTM: 33T 472658E 4501182N
Along the path to the Sanctuary of AvvocataIn summer, it can throw little water
Fountain at the Shrine of Our Lady of AdvocacyLAT. 40.65314 – LON. 14.669296
UTM: 33T 472042E 4500306N
Mount AdvocateWater is collected in cisterns and is not a spring
Pietrapiana FountainLAT. 40.697891 – LON. 14.664007
UTM: 33T 471613E 4505275N
Mount WindowThe fountain is near the altar located under the grotto
Chiunzi Pass FountainLAT. 40.718536 – LON. 14.62031
UTM: 33T 467932E 4507582N
Chiunzi Pass
Sorgete VrecciaraLAT. 40.669301 – LON. 14.566617
UTM: 33T 463370E 4502137N
Upper Ferriere Valley EntranceImmediately after the Ferriere Valley gate, the first crossroads leads to the spring
Cold Water SourceLAT. 40.668158 – LON. 14.557202
UTM: 33T 462573E 4502014N
Upper Ferriere Valley EntranceContinuing along the Vrecciara spring path leads to this spring
Spring at the Gate of the Ferriere ValleyLAT. 40.664557 – LON. 14.566835
UTM: 33T 463386E 4501611N
Upper Ferriere Valley EntranceDry fountain in summer
San Giuliano SpringLAT. 40.661437 – LON. 14.558739
UTM: 33T 462700E 4501268N
Ammarrata (Imbarrata)Not far from 300 after the Embarcade
Scorchie SpringLAT. 40.65529 – LON. 14.498452
UTM: 33T 457600E 4500613N
Mount Faito, near the Sanctuary of San MicheleAlong the 350 slip road that connects to the road, not far from the route to the Molare
Holy Water SpringUTM: 33T 457768E 4500145NMount Molar
Santa Maria al Castello FountainLAT. 40.651082 – LON. 14.500471
UTM: 33T 455995E 4498795N
Santa Maria al CastelloLocated at the base of the stairs of the church of Santa Maria al Castello. A bar is located nearby
St. Peter’s Hills FountainLAT. 40.617494 – LON. 14.427873
UTM: 33T 451606E 4496454N
St. Peter’s HillsThe fountain is near the intersection. There is a bar nearby
Fountain Colli FontanelleLAT. 40.613059 – LON. 14.407566
UTM: 33T 449885E 4495973N
Fontanelle HillsThere is a bar nearby
Fountain on MalacoccolaLAT. 40.602437 – LON. 14.402258
UTM: 33T 449428E 4494797N
Torca FountainLAT. 40.600139 – LON. 14.384904
UTM: 33T 447958E 4494552N
TorcaThe fountain is in the municipal villa near the church
Termini FountainLAT. 40.590512 – LON. 14.339862
UTM: 33T 444139E 4493511N
TermsThe fountain is in the termini square. There is a bar nearby