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Useful tips for how to get organized

Hiking in Amalfi Coast is beautiful and should remain so. During your experience it is important to trek responsibly especially because of the increasing number of tourists taking the trails each year. Here are some tips for getting organized and experiencing the trek to the fullest:

Hiking boots: the quality of hiking trails in
Amalfi Coast
varies from flat to steep, from well-maintained to abandoned. For safety reasons, if you have hiking shoes available we recommend that you pack taller boots as they provide better protection and avoid causing you to sprain your ankles. Finally, hiking with luggage increases the weight that can be carried for several days. Especially with long ascents and descents, the risk of having blisters on the feet due to increased load increases.

Walking sticks: because of the many meters of elevation gain, we recommend thinking about walking sticks. In this way the knees can be relieved considerably, especially on descents.

Magnesium pills: a magnesium tablet in the evening prevents muscle aches the next day!

GPS apps and offline maps for your smartphone: navigating these routes is the secret to not losing your way. Your phone will not always have the network needed to connect to the Internet. Therefore, we recommend that you download apps that allow you to access the maps offline as well so that you always have useful and timely guidance at your fingertips.

Use Whatsapp: You surely already have it on your smartphone, but Whatsapp is a great way to communicate your estimated time of arrival to bed and breakfast operators and get more detailed information about the location of your accommodation.

One of the most important aspects of trekking in Amalfi Coast is that the routes are adjacent to the many different towns. Therefore, you will never be in such a remote location that you will have difficulty finding food and water. Since you are near many cities, it is a good opportunity to bring reusable water bottles or water bottles to refill in the city. Avoid buying single-use plastic water bottles that could be leaked into the environment.

Since you are close to so many culture-rich cities, stop for a snack at the local restaurant. At any time, you are within an hour’s drive of the city. While you are in town you can pick up some local fruit for your next stop. After all, in Italy you are surrounded by the best fresh produce in the world.

The views you will experience on your hikes will take your breath away, but care must be taken to stick to trails and paths. Leaving the trail could permanently damage the structure of the trail itself and the surrounding vegetation.

One of the worst things tourists can do is feed wild animals. After a while, the animals get used to the tourists feeding them, which damages the local environment and creates annoyance to other travelers. Have you ever seen pigeons in Venice or London? Yes. Let’s not turn Amalfi into this.

La Amalfi Coast is a beautiful place. We must strive to keep it that way. During excursions and stays, remember to shop and support local businesses. Very often these realities rely on tourism. Also, during itineraries, favor the use of eco-friendly materials. By following these tips you can have a better experience and ensure that the next generation will also experience the same emotions you will experience by trekking on the
Amalfi Coast