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The Sorrento Peninsula

La penisola sorrentina presenta un paesaggio unico al mondo attraverso cui si alternano basse e alte colline, profonde vallate e maestose montagne. Tra le bellezze della natura, sorge l’intervento dell’uomo con alberi di arance e limoni, oliveti e vigneti. Questi sono gli incantevoli giardini che in primavera emanano un profumo di fiori d’arancio.

The region around Sorrento has a network of ancient paths that were originally crossed on donkeys and used to connect the numerous villages of the peninsula.

Most of the paths are intact as they are little used and are generally around 3-4 meters wide of very well designed stone.

There are routes suitable for all ages and abilities. The one factor that really distinguishes between the trails is the steepness of the hills along the way.

The network of trails extends along the peninsula from Sorrento to Positano, Amalfi and beyond. The area at the western end of the peninsula around Sorrento is the last. The trails further east around Positano and Amalfi are much more challenging.

In the area of Sorrento the maximum that can be climbed is about 500 m. Most visitors will take one of the easy walks or take one of Sorrento’s local buses to Sant’Agata , the main town in the center of the peninsula.

Another place of scenic interest to visit is Punta Campanella, where the Gulf of Sorrento converges with the Amalfi Coast. From here you can almost touch Capri.

Through the path it is possible to see both the Gulf of Sorrento and the cities of the Amalfi Coast of Praiano and Positano . Start from Piazza di Termini, a district of Massa Lubrense, high in the hills above Sorrento. This route is well maintained and not particularly difficult to walk.

The round trip to Punta Campanella takes about two hours and is relatively light during the autumn months. The lighthouse, located at the tip of the peninsula, offers one of the most beautiful views in the area.

The Bay of Ieranto forms a gigantic horseshoe between Punta Campanella and Punta Penna : it is recognized as one of the the best seaside resorts of the Sorrentine Peninsula . There are two alternatives to get there: take a boat or walk from the village of Nerano, the steep descent that is part of a 6.5km long walk from nearby Termini.

This winding route is just one of 20 (for a total of 110 km) that cover the area that connects small Sorrento villages and winds around the wide coast. Distances range from hard all day treks such as the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari a 14,1 km dalle colline delle Fontanelle vicino a Positano fino a Punta Campanella, alle passeggiate più brevi adatte a tutta la famiglia.