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The 300 CAI trail.

The Amalfi Coast Italian is one of the most famous cliffs in the world and attracts travelers from all countries with its typical Italian charm! However, hiking tourism is currently limited to a short section of the area: the Path of the Gods.

Beyond this route, there is much for avid hikers to discover. Much of the trails in the Amalfi Coast are characterized by solitude, nature and tranquility.

Steep paths and steps overlooking the deep blue sea and small villages with very picturesque towers alternate with flat paths through vineyards, olive groves and lemon plantations.

The real highlights are the views of the surrounding islands and mountains: depending on the location, in good weather it is possible to see Mount Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, and the island of Capri.

On the other hand, the CAI-300 hiking trail of the Italian Alpine Club has remained relatively unknown: in six days, the entire Amalfi Coast can be walked and admired on this half-height path. Between Salerno to the east and Sorrento to the west there are many small villages and seaside resorts – each more picturesque than the other.

The hiking trails are managed by Italian Alpine Club “ CAI – Alpine Club Italian and are marked in red and white. The excursion takes place directly on the CAI-300 or on parallel hiking trails.

The start of the hike is a few kilometers from the city of Salerno, which can be conveniently reached by train from Naples. From here, the walk can continue on foot for the next few days. Only at the end of the fourth stage will it be necessary to use a vehicle to reach Positano. This is because this part of the coast is very steep and rocky, so there is no really recommended route from Positano to the west.

After Positano there is Colli S. Pietro, a short excursion that could be inserted in the afternoon or early in the morning. Phase 6 leads with a shorter and longer variant on the Punta Campanella to Sorrento

Obviously there are accommodations in Amalfi Coast for all tastes and for almost all budgets: we find the many small family businesses that deserve a special mention, like a bed and breakfast or a farmhouse with only four or five rooms.

The ideal travel period for the Amalfi Coast is in spring between April and June and in autumn between September and October. In mid-summer it is often too hot for hiking, in low season the climate is less stable.

Trail of the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari

Download the route in gpx format of the entire route or all its parts: GPX of the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari – 300 CAI

N.NameStartEndKmDif.Quota Max.Download
1Part 1Quarry CorpsAdvocate Sanctuary6,5E946mgpx
1.aVetta Avvocata variantSummit crossroadsAdvocate Sanctuary1,3E977mgpx
2Part 2Crossroads AdvocateNorth peak of Monte Finestra5,8EE1112mgpx
3part 3North peak of Monte FinestraTuoro di Cesarano9,4E1154mgpx
4part 4Tuoro di CesaranoMonte Cerreto3,0EE1290mgpx
5part 5Monte CerretoColle S. Angelo8,2E1301mgpx
6part 6Colle S. AngeloCastellone5,7EE1182mgpx
7part 7CastelloneTorca21,0E1374mgpx
8Part 8TorcaRecommone Beach4,0EE353mgpx
9Part 9Recommone BeachMount San Costanzo3,8E470mgpx
10Part 10Mount San CostanzoPunta Campanella2,5EE448mgpx
11part 11Punta CampanellaTerms3,3T323mgpx