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14. Monte Comune (877 m)

Along the Alta via dei Monti Lattari from the Barracks of the Forestry you first reach the village of Santa Maria al Castello and then up towards Monte Comune passing through the Preazzano Pass. The village of Santa Maria al Castello is a strategic stop along the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari due to the presence of B & amp; B where it is possible to stay overnight and as a refueling and refreshment point as you cross the village where there are shops and food.

Reached the summit of Monte Comune at 877mt above sea level you find yourself in an immense plateau covered by Mediterranean scrub overlooking spectacular views of the sea and splendid inlets on Positano with the Li Galli archipelago on one side and on the whole Sorrento Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples with the Vesuvius . A 360-degree panorama immersed in the blue.

Starting from Piano di Sorrento, you will first walk towards Monte Comune , at 877 meters, and then you will descend to Positano. During the journey you will be fascinated by the Mediterranean scrub and by the view of small coves with crystal clear water.

This point of the route of the 300 CAI is a strategic point from which it is possible to see the whole path from behind Monte Molare up to Punta Campanella last destination of the Alta Via.

In spring, the path on the Monte Comune hike is often difficult to see as there are many wild flowers and ferns covering the route. In summer, the heat usually burns some of them and the path becomes clearer but part of it can remain covered by foliage throughout the year.

Monte Comune can be reached by many paths and access points, Vico Equense in Preazzano , Positano from Il Corvo and Montepertuso and from Santa Maria al Castello . The feasibility of the path is such that it can be tackled without excessive problems by anyone, whether you are a beginner or if you have already had experiences of this type.

Arriving at the Croce dei Due Golfi continue downhill on the left towards Monte Vico Alvano . The EE type descent continues for a while on a path that is a bit crumbling due to the presence of stones and rocks.

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