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15. Monte Vico Alvano (642 m)

From the steep descent of Monte Comune </ em> you reach the Sella di Arola through a chestnut wood. At the saddle there are two very important intersections, first the junction for Arola and then the junction for Cesina . At the first it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful views of the area on the sea, an ancient destroyed gate that overlooks Positano.

Arola is a small fraction among the many of Vico Equense not far from the saddle. Following the 300 to the two crossroads you finally reach Monte Vico Alvano indistinguishable due to the iron cross at the top. The panorama now becomes almost 360 degrees. When the weather is fine, the distant view is magnificent: the Gulf of Naples faces us, the mass of houses in Naples is clearly visible and Vesuvius rises majestically from the plain.

From the top, descend along a serpentine path towards “ Colli San Pietro ” (or Colli di Teresinella </ em >). The San Pietro hills are not always indicated on all maps, so it is good to specify that this name indicates the pass of the Amalfi state road n.163 between the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, the intersection of the two state roads SS145 and SS163 .

Shortly before reaching the state road, cross the entrance to the park “ Antico Parco del Principe ” in the middle of which is the “ Castello Colonna ”, a place that is often used for weddings.

From here, continuing on the main road and short paths that cross short woods between the various hairpin bends, you will reach Colli di Fontanelle .

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