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20. Punta Campanella (100 m)

From Monte San Constanzo to the tip of the Sorrento peninsula is just over 3km away. Cross the Pineta di San Constanzo , under the summit of Monte Santa Croce starting the long descent towards Punta Campanella .

This last stretch is called Pezzalonga , on the left we can admire the Bay of Jeranto where we can identify the well preserved Torre di Montalto and the three lace Punta Penna , Montalto and Mortella which they look very similar to the shape of a bird of prey and from which the name of the bay could derive (jerax – raptor). At this point we are at the beginning of the most evocative and wild path that has small exposed and slippery sections due to the presence of very smooth and dusty rocks, therefore we recommend the utmost attention in this section also given the difficulty of walking it at night.

At the end, the Pezzaloga path joins the ancient via Minerva which we will take to the left for a short distance and then reach Punta Campanella.

The excursion to Punta Campanella is a total leap into the past. You find yourself walking on a cobbled path, which dates back to the ancient Romans. The path you are going to take was once the road Minerva , which led the Romans to extremity of the Sorrento peninsula where once there was a Greek temple dedicated to Athena and which the Romans consecrated to Minerva . Along the way you will be accompanied by the stunning view of the island of Capri in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea . Once you arrive at the tip of the peninsula, you will see a modern lighthouse next to an abandoned Saracen watchtower called Campanella, which gives the tip its name.

At Punta Campanella there are two places of incredible interest. Before starting the stairway towards the tower there is a crossroads marked by a little man where a stairway begins, a little shabby among the rocks that leads to the ‘ancient landing to the cave of Minerva . For those who suffer from vertigo or are not experienced in aided routes (EEA) it is advisable not to go down or to be very cautious, because for the descent it is necessary to use ropes and makeshift ladders. Once you reach the ancient pier, if you are very careful, along the wall on the right of the descent there is an ancient Oscan writing which testifies to the archaeological value of the place.

Another interesting point is the lighthouse dock . When you reach the large square of the tower on the right there is a small staircase that leads down to the sea level where you can see a wonderful view.

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