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8. From Ravello to Minori

Passing through Torello, Villamena and Lacco with a visit to the Roman Villa

Duration: 4,9 km

Travel time: 3h 00 ‘

Features – Walk without difficulty.

Path – Fund in good condition, characterized only by the difference in altitude of about 350 meters. The flooring allows walking even with normal shoes.

Approach – Arrival and departure from Ravello which offers sufficient parking possibilities. Alternatively also from Minori, with less parking possibilities but easier for those who use public transport both by sea and by land.

Refreshment points – In Ravello and Minori bars and restaurants. Fountains along the way, both in the ascent and in the descent. Bathing opportunities in Minori.

The suggested route for a walk from Ravello to Minori, returning to the starting point, can be considered little more than a walk enriched by excellent panoramic views. From Piazza Duomo, in Ravello, turn towards the church, on the right you can easily see the turret that serves as the entrance to Villa Rufolo. To the left of this, take the pedestrian road that passes under the villa and then passes the church of the Annunziata, dating back to 1281, with its two bell towers which constitute one of the most classic images of the coast. After a few steps you reach the road; on the opposite side begins a staircase which takes its name from the church of San Pietro a Costa, dating back to the 13th century. Continuing in the same direction, and keeping to the right at the crossroads immediately following the church, you arrive at the confluence of other stairs with an asphalted road. Go down to the right along the pedestrian street to the underlying medieval village of Torello where the church of San Michele Arcangelo is located (bell tower in the Sicilian Arabian style and, inside, 15th century paintings by the school of Andrea Sabatini). church on the right, the descent towards Minori begins, along the panoramic via Torello, between terraces of lemons and vines, along the road, at a chapel, turn right and the steps, now steeper, reach the square in front the cemetery of Minori, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town. path, to the right, towards the sea, continues its descent to the coastal road. From here, near a fountain, you take a last staircase, via San Giovanni a Mare, which again leads to the main road, to be climbed for about 200 meters, up to the parking lot near the Villa Marittima Romana. The villa, described in the previous itinerary, deserves a break for a short visit.

Leaving the villa, turn right and take a pedestrian street that runs alongside the church of Santa Lucia; the next stairway, on the left, leads to via Villamena. Cross the road and, continuing, you will reach another chapel (fountain in the immediate vicinity) where you continue to the right. Shortly after there is a crossroads where, turning left, you begin to go up towards Ravello. For a short stretch the route is easy but soon turns into little more than a path, returning to the usual steps after about 200 meters. Near some houses there is still a crossroads; continue to the right and shortly after you arrive at the road that leads from Ravello to the Chiunzi pass. Cross it and take the short Via Martino Frezza to reach the locality of Lacco, near the ancient northern gate of Ravello. After passing through the door, you enter via Lacco which leads to piazza Fontana. After the fountain in the center of the square, follow via Gioacchino D’Anna uphill, which leads to: the church of San Giovanni del Toro, the Palazzo Gonfalone, with its interesting marble portal, coming from the basilica of Sant’Eustachio a Pontone, and a whole series of noble palaces and the house of Tolla, seat of the Municipality, up to the first descent on the right, via Richard Wagner, which leads to Piazza Duomo.

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