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1. Badia di Cava (350 m)

The first stop on the itinerary is the Badia di Cava, located in the Corpo di Cava locality of Cava de ‘Tirreni in the province of Salerno . The visit to this place of prayer is a fascinating journey through a thousand-year history.

Arriving at the site of the Benedictine abbey , the first impression is that it is not too big. However, it is the view from the side that shows the full grandeur of this structure perched on the mountain.

The abbey was founded by San Alferio Pappacarbone in 1011, who retired to a hermit life in the Arsicia cave at the base of the Monte Window. From the cave the monastery expanded in a short time and in 1092 the basilica was consecrated by Pope Urban II .

The basilica can be visited and it is really advisable to take the guided tour. A visit to the new part of the basilica and the old part is planned, characterized by the presence of the crypt and the catacombs. Inside there is a museum where some paintings and old parchments illustrated by the monks are exhibited and a library envied all over the world for its ancient manuscripts and preserved works.

All information is available on the Badia di Cava website.

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