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16. Malacoccola (493 m)

The promontory of Malacoccola is one of the points of landscape interest located along the southern slope of the Sorrento peninsula. From the small square of Colli di Fontanelle (fraction of Sant’Agnello ), follow the path of the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari which continues towards a small road that cuts through some hairpin bends of the state road , you reach the highest bend near a shrine in the rock where you resume the path.

The itinerary passes through chestnut groves, shrubs, flowers and perfumes. Then go up a slight climb up to the Malacoccola promontory, a place where you can admire the Gulf of Salerno. The highest point is Pizzitiello at 489m and as soon as the descent begins you will find the junction for Punta S. Elia. Taking the crossroads you go down a somewhat inaccessible descent that allows you to reach the so-called “Torre di Sant’Elia”, continuing you cross a private property where once there was an ancient farm and then continue to descend until you reach the sea on the rocks. From here, for the more intrepid, it is possible to enjoy a nice refreshing bath and then return to the Alta Via.

From the promontory, the path continues steeply downhill to the downy oak grove and then onto a plateau, a very pleasant stretch of path to take up to Torca.

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